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Bosch Therm 830 ES LP (Liquid Propane)

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Bosch Therm 830 ES (Liquid Propane) whole-house tankless water heater

175,000 BTUs and up to 140 degrees F, Electronic Ignition, Stainless Steel exhaust, Energy Star

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Bosch Therm 830 ES LP (Liquid Propane) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater

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  • Bosch Therm 830 ES LP (Liquid Propane) Whole-House Tankless Water Heater
  • Bosch Therm 830ES LP Left Side Angle
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  • Bosch Therm 830ES LP (Liquid Propane) Tankless Water Heater

    At 175,000 maximum BTUs the Bosch 830 ES LP (Liquid Propane) is our highest capacity non-condensing tankless water heater. The Bosch Therm 830ES-LP was designed to meet the demands of busy households and offers the premium features you expect from Bosch. This model can be installed almost anywhere thanks to its sealed combustion and dual-fan technology.

    It features an electronic ignition system and requires either 3 inch or 4 inch diameter stainless steel vent pipe and can be vented either through the side wall or up through the roof.

    This heater is Energy Star rated.

    This heater comes with built-in freeze protection and a water filter that is externally accessible, but does not come with a PRV.

    The Bosch Therm 830ES-LP is the direct replacement for the Bosch AquaStar 2400ES-LP and the Bosch ProTL 175L is the closest replacement heater for the Bosch Protankless GWH 635 ES LP and the Bosch AquaStar 2400E LP and the Bosch AquaStar 250SX-LP (the Bosch Therm 830ES-LP is 7 inches taller, 2.5 inches wider and 2.75 inches deeper than these older models).
  • Brand Bosch Therm
    Model Bosch Therm 830ES-LP
    Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN) 7703411074
    Replaces Old MPNs 7736505102, 7-736-505-102
    Alternate MPNs 7-703-411-074
    UPC 052575108315
    Gas Type Liquid Propane
    Product Type Whole House
    Indoor/Outdoor Installation Indoor,Outdoor
    Heater Style Tankless
    Application Commercial,Residential
    Product Dimensions (H" x W" x D") 30.5 x 17.875 x 11.25
    Product Weight (Lbs) 67
    Shipping Weight (Lbs) 80.0000
    Capacity @ 35 Deg F Temp Rise (GPM) 8.3
    Capacity @ 45 Deg F Temp Rise (GPM) 6.3
    Capacity @ 55 Deg F Temp Rise (GPM) 5.3
    BTU Rating 175000
    Maximum Input (BTUs) 175000
    Minimum Input (BTUs) 19900
    Maximum Output (BTUs) 147000
    Minimum Output (BTUs) 18300
    Altitude Test (Ft) 4500
    Temperature Range (Deg F) 100 - 140
    Venting Options Cat III Stainless Steel
    Venting Diameter (Inches) 3 or 4
    Vent Maximum Run (Ft) 61.25
    Gas Connection (Inches) 3/4 NPT
    Water Connections (Inches) 3/4 NPT
    Activation Flow Rate (GPM) 0.5
    Water Pressure Rating (PSI) 30 - 150
    Energy Factor 0.83
    Thermal Efficiency (%) 82
    Electrical Requirements (AMPS / V) <=2.5 / 120
    Remote Control Optional Wireless TSTAT2 Available
    Warranty 15-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger (3-year if used in recirculating applications); 5-year limited warranty on all other parts
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  • Warranty

    Bosch gas tankless water heaters, electric tankless water heaters, electric mini-tank water heaters and accessories are warranted directly by the Manufacturer (BOSCH) through Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.

    Please visit the web site Warranty Page for the full details of the Bosch product warranty.

    Be sure to fill out your Warranty Card and send it to Bosch immediately after your installation to ensure you are registered for the full product warranty.
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