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Venting Installation Tips

We carry the full line of Z-Flex stainless steel venting products. We stock 3" and 4" Z-Vent Category III stainless steel vent pipe and we carry 5" through 24" Z-Vent.

Z-Flex Z-Vent stainless steel vent pipe has a built-in silicon gasket on the female end of each venting piece as well as an integral gear clamp. Just insert the male end and tightem with a screw driver. No other tools or sealant are required.

The only piece of Z-Vent that does require the high temperature sealant is when securing the top support/storm collar to the straight pipe. This sealant prevents water from running down to the flashing.

Did you know that all the Z-Vent straight pipe can be cut from the male end. Just cut with a hack saw and discard what you cut off. To avoid tearing the silicon gasket, be sure to file down any burrs before inserting the cut male end into the female end.

We carry a full compliment of adapters that will allow almost any tankless water heater, pool heater or boiler to be vented through Z-Flex stainless steel vent pipe.