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Isolation Valve Sets

Isolation Valve Sets by Webstone and Cimberio are specialty hot and cold water valves designed specially for tankless water heaters. Both the hot and cold isolation valves come with independently-controlled service ports. The hot water valve also has a port for pumping in the the PRV.

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  1. Webstone EXP E2 Lead-Free Isolation Valves 44444WPR2

    Webstone EXP E2 Lead-free Isolation Valves 44444WPR2

    Webstone EXP2 Service Lead-Free Isolation Valves (44444WPR2)

    Webstone's Compact version E-X-P 1" Hot and Cold water valves with 3/4" PRV port and Drains with Hose fittings and pressure relief valve (2.7 million BTU) Learn More

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    Special Price: $149.00


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