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Bosch Greentherm T 9800 SE 199 NG / LP

Bosch Greentherm T 9800 SE 199 NG / LP

Product Review (submitted on April 12, 2019):
The product was securely packed, with extra cushions, resulting in safe arrival of the product.

Pro Water Heater Supply was very professional in explaining and selecting the right unit matching my sqft house, water usage and needs.
Ended up with the T9800 SE 199 NG unit.

The T9800 SE 199 NG:
The unit makes sounds which are strange at first, after opening any hot water valve. It seems to me that this is normal, but I would still like to mention it.

The unit is very quiet, has an awesome slick and futuristic design which reminds me of an iPod.

The hot water is endless, so unlike tank units, I found myself adding more cold water as it was too hot after some time, unlike tank water heaters where you need to reduce the cold water to have more hot water since the tank has limited amount of hot water.

I did not experience any kind of sudden pressure drops or any kind of sudden cold / hot water bursts - in other words, the heat is constant.

Also, I would not try to overload the system by using all the hot water in the house simultaneously and using all the products which consume gas / hot water simultaneously, as this is just not right. Instead, schedule your hot water consumption accordingly.

Bottom line:
I would recommend this unit to anyone, and for those wondering about detailed installation process, feel free to check out my installation on youtube: